Remember that Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor? Here she is again. The company’s proper unveiling of the device will come at CES 2012, linking up exclusively (at first, anyway) with the iPhone 4S and other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. By tapping into the Blue HR and harnessing your fitness app of choice (a nice touch, we must say), you’ll have access to heart rate data, music playlists, phone, maps, etc., all in one place. It’ll start shipping in January for $79.99, and we’re told that the product will launch with “full support of several of Wahoo Fitness’ app partners, who have been working with Wahoo’s Open API to support the Blue HR.” A few compatible apps have already filtered into the App Store, including MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, 321Run, Runmeter, and MotionX, and the company’s expecting even more in 2012.